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QueueUp is a collaborative playlist streaming service. Anybody can create a playlist, use Spotify to stream from QueueUp, and invite friends to contribute in real time.

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CalHacks Fall 2014, UC Berkeley

A distributed computing platform in Javascript built entirely through Chrome web browsers.

  • Best Web Hack

    - CalHacks

  • Best use of MongoDB

    - MongoDB

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HackGT Fall 2014, Georgia Tech

Visualizes how people are feeling about a topic, and where. It performs sentiment analysis in real-time on Tweets (favorable or unfavorable), maps the sentiment to a color (from green to red, respectively), and plots it on a map.

  • Best Data Visualization

    - APT

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24 Hours of Barcelona

24 Hours of Barcelona

Summer 2014, Barcelona, Spain


An exhibition exploring the change public spaces encounter over a 24 hour period. Each space changes both through the people that interact with it and the objects they bring.



LAHacks Spring 2014, UCLA

Uses facial recognition technology on you and your friend's Instagram pictures, calculates the number of selfies you have taken, and produces a score based on those results.

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Georgia Institute of Technology

  • BS Computer Science, 2017
  • Intelligence / Information & Internetworks


  • Node.js
  • Android
  • Spark, Hadoop
  • Ruby on Rails


  • Java / JavaScript / C / HTML5 / CSS3 / Ruby / PHP / MySQL
  • Spanish (intermediate)


  • Algorithms
  • Machine Learning
  • Systems and Networks
  • Objects and Design
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Computer Organization

Resume [PDF]